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Discovered respectively about 30 and 40 years ago, Prochlorococcus and Synechococcus are becoming the most well-studied model marine microbes. What began as mere observations of small novel marine cyanobacteria now emerges as one the major advances of the last century in biological oceanography: these closely related microorganisms constitute a key genetically and physiologically diverse group of phytoplankton that represents a core engine of marine microbial communities and global biogeochemical cycles.

Building on the success of the first ProchlorococcusFest (2008) that celebrated the 20th anniversary of the discovery of Prochlorococcus, this meeting will bring together both veterans and newbies alike to highlight past achievements, current research and future directions in the study of these important organisms. All areas and modes of inquiry are welcome. Participants working in diverse areas are welcome, such as people studying predators, biogeochemical influences, and other microbes that exchange metabolites with these significant primary producers.

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David Kehoe, David Lea-Smith, Nikolai Radzinski, Joseph Christie-Oleza & Giovanna Capovilla (on-line)

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